I'm a software developer.

My Bachelor's degree is in software engineering. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work on numerous software and Web design projects and acquired a number of skills.

  • Booze Blues Guitar Slides: Required HTML, JavaScript and Perl programming. This site is no longer online, but here is what it looked like. The client requested a "very simple site" with a mail-in order form only. The Perl does not execute here because it is disabled on my host, but the code itself is viewable.
  • Okatibbee Creek Audubon Society website (circa 2005): Required HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Advanced SQL Search Engine for Mississippi Department of Archives & History historical site database: Required SQL and Visual Basic
  • Noxubee Wildlife Refuge Prairie Site: Required HTML and JavaScript
  • Scheduling and Mapping System for Starkville First United Methodist Church: Required HTML, JavaScript, and PHP
  • John Kerry.com (circa 2007): Required (for my part -- I was on a team) SQL, HTML, PHP
  • ErinThead.com: Required HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML/RSS, and PHP
  • PolitiCalypso: Required PHP. Developed in WordPress.
  • Noxubee County Public Library: Required PHP. Developed in Drupal.


I wrote a simple PHP-based system for keeping track of categories within this website, like you would see on many blogs. If you would like to use it for your own, here it is: Site Categorizer by Erin Thead. It works on any OS. Read the readme file first.


And finally, below is a list of the languages in which I can work, from most familiar in each category to least.

Web-Based Programming

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • JSP/Java for servers
  • Perl

Application Programming

  • Java
  • Fortran 95 (for scientific applications)
  • C
  • C++
  • SQL


  • R (for statistics and visualization)
  • Linux/UNIX shell scripting
  • SAS